Something else I like to do…

Something else I like to do…


My husband calls me his little mixologist. I have to admit that is a pretty apt description. Even as a child I was forever mixing something to make stuff taste better, work better, smell better. Sometimes you create a winner, and sometimes…well you know, you end up with a definite loser. My poor parents suffered greatly at my hands while I was learning to cook, my dad especially. He was such a sweetie attempting to eat whatever I made for him, sometimes to his detriment. My mom was a little more…cautious shall we say. She knew I thought I was a master chef, coming up with my own creations, instead of following a recipe. Well I am all grown up now, and I have learned the benefits of following a recipe. But I still substitute and do my own thing in the kitchen from time to time. But I am much, much better at it now to my hubby’s relief.

Anyway, last night I was tired of working on redesigning my website, so I headed into my “lab”. Not to cook but to make some skin and hair products. I have fallen in love with Pinterest and found some great ideas there. A few days ago, I was thinking about making my own all natural lotion for my dry as chip, winter skin. You know there are all those “bad things” for us in everything now. So why not, right? I keep coconut oil on hand, cause I love the stuff. So I did a pinterest search for whipped coconut oil and found a wealth of pins on that. The ingredients were pretty simple coconut oil (in its solid state), vitamin e (squeezed from those little capsules), and a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Easy enough. So I got out my hand mixer and blended, and blended, and blended some more.  And…voila!

I just showered and used it while still a little damp. It made my skin feel amazing. I mean I have got moisturized, soft touchable skin. I keep rubbing my arms to feel the results. I am a smell person, so the rich coconut smell of the oil itself was just not enough. I had lavender, orange & rosewood essential oils on hand, so I added a few drops of each. I cannot vouch for the smell right now, because I am quite congested. And it is killing me. I just made this wonderful stuff and I cannot even catch a whiff of it. Lol! But it sure feels good.

Next time I will have to tell you about what I made for my hair…. 😉

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